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Reimbursement Claim 报销申请

各位老师,若您有任何需要报销的费用烦请填写此表。例如,每位老师全学年可以给每个学生购买总计10元的奖品。填写时,每张收据填写一次。 表格提交后,您会收到一封确认邮件。纸质发票请大家粘在一张A4大小的纸上,划出款额后定期给校长。非常感谢!

Please fill in the form below for expense reimbursement claim. For example, there is a $10 budget for teachers buying each student gifts through the whole school year.A notification email will be sent to you upon submission. Please have the paper receipts glued on a piece of A4  paper, with the amount paid highlighted and submit them to the principal.