Chinese Language School of Regina 雷城中国语文学校

Welcome to Chinese Language School of Regina website. This website will be used as a web portal to present the school to the students who are interested to learn Chinese Language (mandarin) and experience Chinese culture, a communication tool, and as a tool to enhance learning inside and outside of the classroom. Please use the contact page if you have any questions about this site. Happy Learning!


Announcements 重要消息     

Culture Workshop 文化活动



地点:South Leisure Centre,170 Sunset Drive, Regina, SK

费用:  本校学生免费,外校学生每人$10


The Regina Chinese Language School culture class is here again! Through exploring the mystery of Chinese language and culture, we believe students will learn a lot while enjoying all the fun activities!


Date and time: Saturday December 9th,  2017.2:00 pm  to  5:00 pm

LocationSouth Leisure Centre,170 Sunset Drive, Regina, SK

RSVP byDecember 3, 2017

Admission: Free for CLSR students. $10/person for non CLSR students.

On May 1, 2017, our teacher Chongyi (Joy) Zhang was awarded by MLAR (Multilingual Association of Regina) a Bronze pin for her 3 years of teaching service. Joy is the third teacher who has received an award as a volunteer heritage language teacher joining Yu(Ali) Zhang and Peidong (Peter) Liu. Congratulations to Joy!
2017年5月1日,在一年一度的MLAR (里贾纳多语言协会)志愿者表彰仪式上,我校张重逸老师(Joy)因在过去三年中积极投身中文教学被授予志愿者铜奖!Joy 是继张瑜老师(Ali)刘沛东老师(Peter)后我校第三位获得MLAR志愿者表彰的老师。在此祝贺Joy!  


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