Textbook 教材信息

马立平博士简介      马立平,女,1951年出生于上海。1971年在江西农村开始教学生涯,先任小学教师,后任小学校长。1980年录取华东师范大学教育系硕士研究生,师从著名教育家、前华东师大校长刘佛年先生。1989年来美,在密歇根州立大学教育学院攻读博士学位,开始海外华裔儿童中文教学实验。1991年转学斯坦福大学教育学院,师从前美国国家教育学术委员会主席 Lee Shulman,继续攻读博士学位。1994年春在斯坦福大学校园里创办以中国留学生子女为主要对象的周末中文学校,结合中国传统语文教学法和现代课程理论,研发和编写海外儿童中文教材,进行“直接认字”的教学实验,并且坚持在其创办的中文学校执教至今。

Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages (SOHL)
 - The Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages Inc. (SOHL) was established in 1985. It is a provincial cultural organization that works with teachers, volunteers, and cultural communities to promote and develop the teaching and learning of heritage languages. It is an umbrella organization supporting heritage language schools and multilingual organizations throughout the province.  
SOHL is funded by SaskCulture via Saskatchewan Lotteries.SaskCulture

Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan - The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan has been raising awareness of the benefits of cultural diversity and the dangers of racism since November 22, 1975. Created to represent six regional multicultural councils and joined by a variety of multicultural, ethnocultural and educational groups the provincial Council currently represents 56 member organizations (plus 9 individuals and 2 business/institution/government), which include thousands of volunteers committed to promoting the benefits of multiculturalism. MCoS became a provincial not-for-profit, non-governmental agency that works to ensure ethnocultural survival, strength and prominence and foster opportunities for cross-cultural interaction.