About Us 关于我们

THE CHINESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL OF REGINA, INC.(CLSR) was established by a group of enthusiastic Chinese Canadians under the auspices of the Saskatchewan Chinese Cultural Association of Regina in 1975. The School was formally registered with the Saskatchewan Government as a not-for-profit organization in April 1987.


Based on its own constitution and by-laws, the School is run by volunteers and governed by an elected Board of Directors. Programs are offered in Mandarin (the Common Language) and currently, the School includes children and adult classes, from beginners through advanced levels.


The Chinese Language School of Regina, Inc. is a non-partisan and not-for-profit organization. Its main purpose is to provide an opportunity to Regina residents for an education in Chinese language and culture. Students of all ages and proficiency levels are welcome.


Constitution and Bylaws 规章制度

Board of Directors 校董事会

Board of Directors 校董事会

Chinese Language School of Regina is run by volunteers and governed by an elected Board of Directors. 学校工作全部由义工来担任,学校董事会成员由全体学校职工选举产生。

Classes 中文课程
Meet Our Teachers 教师队伍

Meet Our Teachers 教师队伍

Teachers are the guide for the students to explorer Chinese Language and Culture. Their passionate teaching of Chinese language is the key for the students on their learning journey. All of our teachers have education background and love to teach.


Meet Our Teachers 教师队伍