earning Chinese isn't just about to read, speak and write, the more important and interesting element is to explore the Chinese culture. We provide varies programs for the students of all ages to experience Chinese culture in different ways. All programs are 10 classes every session and 1-3 sessions for every school year.



Not sure if you should take a Chinese class to learn it in a systematic way or just experience it for fun? This is the right program for you. You will go on a journey with the instructor to different facts of Chinese culture from language to the daily live.

CHOIR* 声乐合唱*

It was said 'Singing is the best way to learn a language', especially to the children. Let's get our voice out with some Chinese words that you may have learned. There is performing opportunity at the School celebrations and even other community culture events!

* Free for registered student of regular Chinese classes.



Calligraphy* 书法*

Calligraphy is one of the easiest/hardest thing you could do with Chinese Language. Peaceful mind, steady breath are what you need to enjoy it.

* Free for registered student of regular Chinese classes.



CHESS* 棋类*

Want to be more strategic? this program is to challenge your strategic thinking.

* Free for registered student of regular Chinese classes.