Class Registration 课程报名

Please note:

1. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of library and school facilities is limited. Therefore, classes are now planned to be ONLINE learning for this fall. We will follow Saskatchewan Public Healthguidelines regarding access to the related facilities and resume in-classroom if conditions allow this.

2. Please read School Calendar, Class Information and Class Fees before registration。

3 .For siblings, please register separately. New students please email us for placement.

4. A confirmation email will be sent after the submission of the form.

5. Arrangemnts regarding payment method and textbook pick-ups will be updated starting September 1st, 2020 on the school website.


1.受COVID-19影响,图书馆和学校设施使用受限, 故我校秋季学期将会继续采取线上教学的模 式。我们会遵守

萨省公共健康部门的规定, 在相关设施开放及各方面条件允许时恢复面授教学。

2.请报名前点击阅读 “校历” 、“班级信息” 和“课程费用”。

3. 多子女家庭请一人一表, 分开报名。新生请发邮件联系我们以安排分班

4.报名表提交后, 所留联系邮箱中会收到确认邮件。